Paul Washer | The Narrow Gate & the Narrow Way | Decisional Evangelism vs Disciples

In this video Paul Washer teaches on Matthew 7:13 which states that the way into God's eternal kingdom is not a broad road but a narrow gate which leads to eternal life. According to the Bible, only few will find it and enter in. Forget everything you thought you know about this passage of Scripture and listen carefully to Paul Washer's exposition on this disturbingly profound passage.

In some ways this message flies in the face of the false gospel preached by people such as Joel Osteen who claims that as Christians we can have our best life now. It's as if Christians expect the best of both worlds. They want to God to endorse their carnality and love affair with the things of this world despite what the Bible teaches about where we should focus as believers (e.g. see 2 Timothy 2:4 which says that, as Christians, we should not be tied up in wordly affairs.)

I suggest also that you read 2 Timothy which explains the foundational truths of what real Christianity is all about. Contrast for example 2 Timothy 3 with the contemporary prosperity gospel. It should not take long to figure out that most mega churches today preach a totally false gospel of self enhancement, and promote the idolatry of personal happiness which is nothing other than the creation of a false god in our own image.

In this teaching a clear distinction is drawn between decisional evangelism and discipleship. They are mutually incompatible. The great commission instructs all Christians to go and make disciples - not converts. If this doctrinal point is not clear to you, please watch this video very carefully until you understand the difference between the two categories of people.

This is essential viewing for every Christian but be warned - it will challenge you in every way.

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