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Finding the Truth In Christ

This website has been designed to help people find the truth and that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven! Though building christian Community People find it hard to believe that muslims can convert to Christianity, but it is happening a lot all over the world even in very strict muslim countries. What many do not know that even in the time of muhamhed some decided to leave islam...he was one of his companion named 'Ubaid allah iBN Jahsh' who traveled to al habasha and was calling Muslims to try find the truth. I am one of thousands if not millions that left islam. After finding the truth in the bible at the age of 20, I decided to leave islam and follow Christ, the decision was not easy, but God promised to not forsake me and He never did, He is always faithful, I studied both islam and Christianity, I compared them and now after 19 years of faith in Christ I still live in a muslim country. I have been persecuted, I nearly lost my life, but God saved me, so I made this website to help others to know the truth, and I hope that this website will help people to open their eyes and see the truth and the only way to heaven. We added many articles and websites to help others, if you know any link that can be helpful please send it to us through our 'contact us' page with your suggestions and ideas that are welcome to develop this website, as we have an Arabic forum to evangelize to all Muslims all over the world. We were blessed to help many to find the truth and help some to join some home churches in their cities. Blessings.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " John 8:32"



There is no message of hate toward muslims or any others, we love them as jesus loved all the world, we pray that everyone that has been hurt by muslims to be healed and to pray for them. Many lies have been spread about Christianity and about the authenticity of the bible but to know about Christianity you need to know about Christ, His teaching and what he has done for all mankind. There are many who call themselves Christians but they do not walk on the right path, but to be sure if someone is a christian you need to see if he is following the teaching of the Bible.

Lord, Move or Move Me: