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5 Key Reasons Why Brigitte Is a Good Choice in Overwatchbetz

As you already know, Overwatch has a new, 27th hero - Brigitte. Let's learn more about this hero. The more you know about each hero, the better you can play! You should be aware of all features and peculiarities to choose the hero that will suit you most. Being well-informed, you will be able to succeed in the game and in betting at Check the benefits you will enjoy if choosing a new character Brigitte.

5 Main Features of Brigitte

1. Brigitte can perform different roles

This fact pleases the most. A few months ago, a hybrid Moira appeared in the game, capable of not only healing, but also causing damage. In this sense, Brigitte is similar to Moira, but instead of causing damage she can tank, that is, she has the ability to protect allies and control opponents. The direction in which developers are moving is quite obvious.

2. Brigitte is another supporting hero

The appearance of Brigitte expands the choice of heroes of support and dilutes the innumerable army of attack aircraft available. Interestingly, over the past six months, developers have added two support heroes to the game in a row, and these heroes are significantly different from those we have seen before. Most likely, the developers are trying to hint to the players: «Look, support is cool! Moira has an ability that lets magic balls, and Brigitte can hit someone with a huge stick!»

3. Brigitte has the ability to "Shield Bash"

Brigitte can beat opponents with a shield, and it looks like a kick! Brigitte is the only anti-diver who cannot only block Tracer and Genji when attacking from the flank but also retain them when trying to escape. Brigitte’s shield strike interrupts the reading of absolute abilities, including the Dragon's Blade, Apt Shooter, and the Flower of Death.

4. Brigitte is impenetrable!

At the moment, Brigitte is the strongest and most self-sufficient support hero. She has a lot of health, she has a shield and an absolutely incredible passive ability. It can heal allies and inflict damage to opponents at the same time, without putting additional extra effort. All this allows her to effectively resist attack aircraft - successfully dodging attacks, Brigitte can kill almost any opponent without losing half of her health.

5. Brigitte has a combo!

She has a combo attack, with which she can tear anyone to shreds. The combo looks like this: Shield Slam (200 damage and stun), plus a Slam (drop) plus a few blows with a hammer. In 9 cases out of 10, the goal does not attempt to defend itself and hastily retreats, because it has almost no health left. However, too few escapes to escape, because the range of the hammer is huge. The hammer always hits a little further than it seems, and two or three strikes are usually enough to finish. So, remember: Shield Bash - Squash - Attack - Attack - Attack - Corpse. Congratulations, you have just learned how to win a duel with Brigitta!